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Finest Threads

Title: Finest Threads
Characters: Zuko's perspective; Zuko/Song
Rating: PG-13ish?
Theme Set: Senses
Prompt: Silk
Notes: Inspired by many of avi_via_vai's 'morning after' Soko pieces. XD

The morning light pricked at his eyes as Zuko began to stir into consciousness.

Though the night had been long, it was far from unpleasant, despite the protests from his stiff muscles.

A slight shudder halted Zuko in mid-stretch, and he looked down to see if he had inadvertantly woken Song. Thankfully, she only readjusted her
head upon his chest and resumed napping. The young Fire Lord bit back a chuckle at the healer's sleeping habits and amused himself with the
rich, deep brown strands that splayed from her head, across his chest and arms.

Capturing a lock and bringing it up to his face for closer inspection, he inhaled deeply...

..it was then he noticed a curious pair of eyes staring up from just beside his heart, through sleepy eyelids.

"...G'morning. Something on your mind?" asked Song, fighting back a yawn as Zuko smiled gently at her.

"I'll tell you later--we should eat soon," he chided as she began to rub the sleep from her eyes.

"Mm, you're right...but five more minutes. I'll be ready to get up in five minutes..." Song pleaded, drifting back into her nap as she did so.

"Ok, fine--five more minutes," Zuko conceded, knowing she was already asleep.

The Fire Lord began smoothing her long, cinnamon tendrils once more. He would eventually have to find some way to explain (without blushing) how in all his years of royal upbringing, he had never once worn anything as soft as her hair.

Whoo...I haven't written in a while...and it shows. D:
Tags: fic, prompt: silk, soko, song, theme set: senses, zuko, zusong
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